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How to Join

The cost of membership is linked to the type of accommodation service you wish to list. The different accommodation types listed on this site are as follows

  1. Self-Catering.
  2. Bed and Breakfast (up to 4 to let rooms)
  3. Guest House (over 4 rooms)
  4. Hotel
You can join (become a member) in one of two ways
  1. Go to the Print-out Members' form and read the options. When you have decided on which membership account suits you best go to the Printout Membership page and send the completed form to the address listed at the foot of the form (along with your membership subscription).
  2. Go to the Online Members' form and read the options. Same as the Printout option above except you will be sent an Email with a 'Pay Now' Button which will open your account when paid.

As soon as the payment is processed (normally within 48 hours) new members will receive a unique username and password either by post or by email. These details will enable you to enter your own personal Control Panel on this site where you can begin adding/amending/removing your own listings. Membership is renewable annually.

This process is very straghtforward however if you are unsure about it the admin staff are available to answer any questions you may have.


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